Manual + Component List

AVIAN Heartbeat Detector™

Component List and Pricing

The AVIAN System includes the following components:

1. One (1) Enclosed Space Detection System software (“ESDS”)

  • Copyright 1995-1997 BWXT Y-12 LLC and UT-Battelle, LLC under license from the United States Department of Energy and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. All rights reserved. 

2. One (1) ruggedized computer

  • Touch screen panel with high-bright display for ease of use

3. Five (5) Geophone Sensors (4 + 1 spare) 

4. Two (2) 50’ length Geophone cables (1 set + 1 spare) 

5. Installation, training and support

  • Product can be powered from traditional power outlets or, on request, by “cigarette-lighter” plug in any vehicle

  • AVIAN System User Manual included

  • Training session at day of installation for all security participants

  • Customer Service: 24 hour response on technical support and training questions at (713) 521-9404 or at 

6. Warranty

  • One (1) year warranty for normal wear and tear

  • Extended warranty available upon request

Future software upgrades are included at NO additional charge

AVIAN System Pricing

Please email us
 or call (713) 521-9404 for a quote on the AVIAN System. Leasing is available.